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Gradient Builder Is A Gradient Wallpaper Creator That Lets You To Create Wallpaper Images Using Gradient Effect. Also Has A Built-in Gallery Section To Easily Look At Your Images. Be More Detailed The App Is Built With MVVM Architecture , Uses Observer Pattern And Native AsyncTask For Doing The Tasks Asynchronously .   Take A…
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Store Manager

StoreManager Is An Inventory Tool And Store Manager That Tracks Transactions ,Debts And Credits , Reports Customers Debts And Credits And You Can Always Have A Complete Report Of Your Business In Front Of Your Eyes . There Is A Cloud (And Also Local) Backup Feature , a Barecode Reader To facilitate Product Management .…
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LiteDict Is Dictionary App That Has A Thorough Set Of English/Persian Words In It’s Database , That Could Be Accessed Offline , Also Has An Online Translator Section That Could Translate So Many Different Languages. To Be More Detailed The App Is Built With MVVM Architecture , Connect To Server Using Retrofit And Also Uses…
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EveryDayAWord Is A Vocabulary Learning App That Has A Collection of 512 English Words In 42 Lessons , A Quiz Section For Eech Lesson And A Reporting Section In The Main Activity . Take A Look At The App From It’s Google Play Page : Every Day A Word


HadiLand Is A Language Learning App That Delivers Media Content Secure (To Android Standards) And Encrypted . To Be More Detailed This App Is Developed Using MVVM Architecture , Retrofit For Api Connection , RxAndroid For Asynchronous Programming , Picasso , Dagger And Also ExoPLayer For Encrypted Media Streaming . Take a Look Into Hadiland…
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