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Excellence is not enough!

Do you code DRY!

What is DRY principle, and how to achieve that in your android development journey, let’s discuss. DRY stands for “don’t repeat yourself!“. it simply means that you have to never write any piece of code twice otherwise you are really doing it wrong. because when a logic related to that piece of code changes we…
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memory leaks

Android Memory Leaks

Here i’m gonna discuss the memory leak and some causes of this defect in android apps. So what is the “Memory Leak”? Simply the memory leak means that you have allocated a memory to an object but never have the chance to free up that allocated memory. that causes the garbage collector neglect that part…
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Kotlin Object Keyword

In this post we are gonna find out what is the Object keyword in Kotlin and discuss it’s use-cases. in one definition the Object is another way to declare classes but with some differences, the most important difference is that defining an object makes it act like a singleton object, also by defining an object…
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Android Studio Shortcuts

Some of the useful android studio shortcuts are : CTRL +  /  : comment/uncomment lines of codes. CTRL + .  : folds/unfolds the code blocks . CTRL+ R : replace. CTRL + SHIFT + R: Replace  in all Files . CTRL + SHIFT + A : search IDE commands. CTRL + F : searching a…
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How To Conceal A Constant String In Your Android Code

There are times that you need to put a valuable constant (like a password or a tokens ,etc… ) into you code , but in other hands your valuable data could be read so easily by decompiling the java code . so how to have constants into your code without exposing it to strangers .…
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Gradient Builder Is A Gradient Wallpaper Creator That Lets You To Create Wallpaper Images Using Gradient Effect. Also Has A Built-in Gallery Section To Easily Look At Your Images. Be More Detailed The App Is Built With MVVM Architecture , Uses Observer Pattern And Native AsyncTask For Doing The Tasks Asynchronously .   Take A…
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Store Manager

StoreManager Is An Inventory Tool And Store Manager That Tracks Transactions ,Debts And Credits , Reports Customers Debts And Credits And You Can Always Have A Complete Report Of Your Business In Front Of Your Eyes . There Is A Cloud (And Also Local) Backup Feature , a Barecode Reader To facilitate Product Management .…
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LiteDict Is Dictionary App That Has A Thorough Set Of English/Persian Words In It’s Database , That Could Be Accessed Offline , Also Has An Online Translator Section That Could Translate So Many Different Languages. To Be More Detailed The App Is Built With MVVM Architecture , Connect To Server Using Retrofit And Also Uses…
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EveryDayAWord Is A Vocabulary Learning App That Has A Collection of 512 English Words In 42 Lessons , A Quiz Section For Eech Lesson And A Reporting Section In The Main Activity . Take A Look At The App From It’s Google Play Page : Every Day A Word


HadiLand Is A Language Learning App That Delivers Media Content Secure (To Android Standards) And Encrypted . To Be More Detailed This App Is Developed Using MVVM Architecture , Retrofit For Api Connection , RxAndroid For Asynchronous Programming , Picasso , Dagger And Also ExoPLayer For Encrypted Media Streaming . Take a Look Into Hadiland…
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