How LinkedIn could help your career or business?

Excellence is not enough!

How LinkedIn could help your career or business?


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In this piece of article, I am gonna show you how you could take advantage of Linkedin, to achieve your career/business goals, in a clean easy way!.

Ok, there are lot’s of people that has an account on LinkedIn as they have on other platforms, but the problem is they could not and in fact don’t know how to get the most out of this really helpful social media, so you will ask yourself what’s the work-around. so the answer is just one word!, and it is “QUALITY“.

LinkedIn is not instagram or facebook or whatever else, that some individuals/businesses want to grow the network and collect Likes and attention as much as possible, no! stop wasting energy, you are not going to sell snacks to people, you are not a retailer, you’re going to find a good job opportunity or a passionate and skillful talent or whatever else and you usually need a good “one“, not tons of that, yeah?.

QUALITY” is the key factor that makes you get attention and attracts offers and opportunities, and the common mistake that so many folks have taken out there is to do “Greedy” things, like rushing out to grow network and connect to every unknown and unrelated person, post unnecessary, or sometimes rubbish! content (you admit that yourself, right?) or even things you normally post on facebook, and instagram, that’s sometimes kinda creepy!.

Ok, now that you have found out that you should prioritize “QUALIITY” over “Quantity“, now let’s go through some ideas and suggestions that could help you increase your quality of presence.

  1. Network: The quality factor is strongly present here, for sure you would not have a prosperous life in a ghost town, but also crowd would not help you so much, to put it in a straight way, a 1k network that consists of people that have shared interests with you and are interested to get more active with your stuff, could be more helpful than a 5k network full of useless nodes. also good to mention that, if you have an active network your content could get attention easier, no matter your connection pool size is how much big.
  2. Get more active: ok, it’s seems simple, and is actually simple as well, you have to put some time checking linkedin on a daily basis, for reading content, searching for your favorite topics and looking for other connection’s updates, also be generous and hit likes and leave comments when you find a great content, this one will really help you out.
  3. Be generous: this is in fact an extension of above tip, anyways, being active and giving helpful contents, likes and try to be active in comments and re-sharing contents, these all could help you get more attention, because linkedin algorithm wants this!.
  4. Content really matters: believe me, your content could gather lot’s of attention and opportunity, and as you expect the key factor here is of course the quality of the content your are making, try to post unnecessary stuff and see how cruel audience will neglect you, and on the other hand try to post your ideas and experiences and useful tips, write quality articles and see how magical, opportunities reach you. you have to put lot’s of energy and time to achieve a good result, but it would definitely worth it.
  5. Profile: this one seems straight forward as well, you have to make your profile as complete as possible, try to have your background throughly covered, I don’t know how to describe that, maybe too much details needed here, but you could get this job easily done, also try to have a good personal picture and also a cool cover photo, those all makes your profile valuable.
  6. Stop being greedy!: having a greedy behavior and overdoing everything, honestly could not help you, because linkedin algorithm doesn’t like greed!, so you waste your energy and time, also if you do too much search and too much requesting for connection, linkedin could ban your activities in certain situations. so do your linkedin stuff on a daily basis and on a delightful steady rate.

Ok, that’s it, hope you enjoy it, and if you get the point correctly, I am sure you could achieve your linkedin goals very soon. also here you could take a look into my other blog posts, here.