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So let’s describe how we could make a deal together :

Pages and complexityPriceDescription
Single page app150$A single page app with api and database integration ,
dual pages app250$A dual page app with api and database integration.
3 to 8 pages app450$with api integration and local caching.
8 to 12 pages 750$With api integration and local caching .
Large appsFrom 950$ onwardWith api integration and local caching .
Full-Time collaboration12$/hr or 1100$/month

Adding more complexity into app such as for example use of some encryption technologies or some not common use cases could add into the price, but the overall prices is described in the table.

All apps would be developed using latest technology trends like Kotlin programming language, MVVM architecture, Use of architectural components and integration of push notification.

All Android apps could be accomplished with an IOS version, just tell me that.