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Here you can take a look into some of the mobile applications that I’ve worked on:


B&Q/Castorama: An E-Commerce platform of B&Q a subsidiary of the well known Kingfisher plc, Europe’s top ranked DIY and Home Improvement retailing company. I am working as one of the teammates for android version.

B&Q app on the playStore

Castorama(Polish) on the playStore


Berry Bros. & Rudd: BerryTrusted since 1698, Berry Bros. & Rudd is Britain’s original wine and spirits merchant. Our app is a simple way to manage and build your wine collection with us. You can view and manage your wines, see their current market value or list cases for sale on BBX, our fine wine marketplace.

Berry Bros. & Rudd on GooglePlay

ITC At Hand is a news and events portal for International Trade center attempting to bring the latest news and events related to this international organization based on Geneva swiiss . Take A Look At The App From It’s Google Play Page :

ITC At Hand on GooglePlay


2LOCAL: is a Dutch based Micro ICO aim at bringing sustainable and secure way of financial investment, with it’s comprehensive pack of blockchain-based services. 2LOCAL


Construction Handshake is for the construction sector. It uses smartcontracts between the main-contractor and subcontractors.

Construction Handshak on GooglePlay

EveryDayAWord: Is a vocabulary learning app that has a collection of 512 English words in 42 lessons, a quiz section for each lesson and a reporting section in the main activity.

Every Day A Word @ GooglePlay

HadiLand is a language learning App That Delivers Media Content Secure And Encrypted . To Be More Detailed This App Is Developed Using MVVM Architecture , Retrofit For Api Connection , RxAndroid For Asynchronous Programming , Picasso , Dagger And Also ExoPLayer For Encrypted Media Streaming . Take a Look Into Hadiland From It’s Google Play Page. Hadiland I have done a bunch of more mobile applications that is either deprecated or launched on the local market.