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Android OpenCV : how to pass Mat objects between java & c++

Hello friends , in this article i’m gonna discuss a trick that could save a lot of time and energy and also give OpenCV fans so much flexibility working on the android platform. As you may encounter some of OpenCV parts are not ported into java for example the one that i had encountered is…
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How to apply sepia effect on a bitmap

  In this post i’m gonna show you how to apply sepia effect on your bitmap with just a simple method .     Let’s dive into the code : public static Bitmap applySepiaEffect( Bitmap src , int depth , double red , double green , double blue ){ int width = src.getWidth(); int height…
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How To Draw A Circle Around A Bitmap

Do You Want To Draw A Border Around Your Images Like A Picture Frame , Then Read This. Let’s Put The Code Right Away: public static Bitmap roundCorner(Bitmap src , float radius){ int width = src.getWidth() ; int height = src.getHeight() ; Bitmap result = Bitmap.createBitmap(width ,height , src.getConfig()) ; Canvas canvas = new Canvas(result)…
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GrayScale FIlter

In This Post I’ll Show You How To Filter Image Like An Old Black And White Shot. To    There Is A Simple Explanation To The Concept , Each Pixel In A Bitmap Image Has Three Color Values That Explains The Overall Color Of That Pixel (For Example Red : 211, Green : 47, Blue…
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